The Infoman gang makes fun of the Rythme FM Collective

Completely sick / Exactly my kind of humor / A big ben YES! The Infoman team has just uploaded a parody of the Collectif de Rythme FM with their "hit" The Song of Happiness! Thank you Jean-René Dufort and your friends for "regulate" the "game" of the web with your version of happiness. The lyrics are awesome / cheesy at will, I even felt challenged by saying to myself in my coconut "Ouin tsé Infoman it's really a good TV show, I like them a lot". We learn that Pierre Brassard and Jean-René are afraid of blows and lightning, then I adore “Look at that, it's Infoman, my program to ME” with perfect intonation, after the “And I don't like pas la gueeeerrrrrreee ”that comes out of nowhere just to say something obvious that everyone agrees. Little kids / little tanners like MC Gilles says it so well, I love you and stuff like that I want more, it's perfect!

You absolutely must see the video The Song of Happiness to appreciate the Infoman parody!