People who really do their best to take a sexy, very sexy photo

Today I present you some examples of what you should not do when you want to seduce a top lady or a hot dude. If you want to send a photo of yourself that is a little sexy, you have to apply yourself and be careful (I wouldn't want you to end up in this article). It is certain that if you take a picture of you ole ole on a mountain of garbage or near a ribbon full of flies, let's say that you are off pretty badly. Even the pictures with fruit did not convince me!

sexy-fail-watermellon-bikini sexy-fail-toilet-selfie sexy-fail-spank-whip-hair sexy-fail-spank-kid sexy-fail-sexy-eyes sexy-fail-pink-bed sexy-fail-nic-cage-pillow sexy-fail-motorcycle-dance sexy-fail-mirror-babe sexy-fail-lake-girl sexy-fail-iggy-azalea sexy-fail-garbage-pose sexy-fail-fly-paper sexy-fail-fish-mouth sexy-fail-duck-face sexy-fail-car-dude sexy-fail-banana-bed sexy-fail-arms-guy sexy-fail-23-dollars c7b54798-36b2-4158-859e-37fd8a4f9bc2 b2520873-7d67-46b7-b39d-4db2eda28c35 b3d8af3b-48c8-4dd5-bffa-29014396fbec 250fa1b8-c063-45ef-b00d-c86d1d31ada7 75b65fff-a567-4971-8cb7-27bf0db41522 65fffb2a-cf13-47a6-97e5-55d384df092e 54ae3631-eb67-4adf-93f4-de063afa7d6f 7bcd1b2c-5fcf-4dc2-8206-bddb05ac7923