80-year-old Super Cougar slept with over 1000 men

Mrs. Shirley Andrews, an 80-year-old Californian, is an unusual grandmother. You think she eats pink peppermint while playing Scrabble every night, then you're wrong! Nicknamed the Super Cougar, the 80-year-old (I repeat) got into porn almost seven years ago. Since 2008 she has been producing videos at home and sharing them on the web. She loves the comments that internet users write to her, she says she feels like a princess. The super granny has slept with over 1000 men (1000 men !!!!!!), and she doesn't want to stop there. Shirley does not consider herself a nymphomaniac but in the same breath she says maybe she's getting a little bit like that. Among her greatest "accomplishments", this porn star has slept with 15 men at the same time. She was also tattooed on the chest "Gang Bang Lady". Currently this Super Cougar, who has been married several times in the past, shares her time with five men in their XNUMXs. Are you "The One" who will be able to charm her and make her change her vocation?

It seems that the song " When we give ourselves »By Francis Martin was composed for her but it's still a rumor.

Screenshot 2015-03-31 to 20.06.19 granny-shirley-comeshomeafterchurch-to-be-greeted-by-the-cougar-champion nenek-porn ya-ampunnenek-80-tahun-ini-buat-porn-video-dan-main-dengan-ribuan-lelaki-di-rumahnya