The touching speech of Rej Laplanche during the last Buzz program on Musique Plus

For almost 2 years I have participated in the show Buzz hosted by my top bro Rej Laplanche. We recently learned that the show was not coming back and that there was still only 2 weeks left on the "best sul cable show". I had so much fun doing this show, it just doesn't make sense. I spoke about it on the last show but I have to mention it on Petit Petit Gamin. I would like to thank everyone at Musique Plus for making me feel so welcome from day one, the team that worked on this show was just perfect. I would like to thank my top bro Rej Laplanche for bringing me on this wonderful adventure and for giving me the chance to take my first steps in television. No choice to say that my best moments of my weeks for 2 years were to shoot the capsules with my friends (you are so perfect) and come and present my video on air with Rej. Sincerely Rej is so right to thank the fans, you were always getting into our silliness, it was magic! I leave you with the last and touching intervention at Buzz de


"From the bottom of ❤ a big THANK YOU"

Posted by Buzz on Monday, March 30, 2015