Gigantic 20ft tall Olaf is causing a stir in the town of Saint-Luc

It is the city of Saint-Luc which is featured on the internets today. The 21-year-old artist Benoît Sabourin worked nearly 2 months to make a huge snow sculpture with the effigy ofOlaf, a character from the animated film Frozen. The work, which measures 20 feet, makes all passers-by smile and pique their curiosity. Several people take pictures with this Olaf located at 438 rue Savard. Benedict's project was officially finished on the first day of spring when he put on the buds and the carrot. Do you have any suggestions for him to do a summer project? Maybe a mermaid?

Olaf-Saint-Luc-Quebec-01 Olaf-Saint-Luc-Quebec-02 Olaf-Saint-Luc-Quebec-03 Olaf-Saint-Luc-Quebec-04 Olaf-Saint-Luc-Quebec-05