For the visuals of this world, here are drawings that will prevent you from making spelling mistakes!

This might be a bit of a geek post, but I wanted to talk about it for all the people who are visuals like me and tend to withhold unnecessary stuff. When I was still at school I remember studying for exams and giving myself some really bogus stuff to remember answers, like Sarah is written with an H because she's a harpist (REALLY) . So if you're like me you can get this book, and you can be sure you'll never make spelling mistakes again.

99-drawings-for-no-more-mistakes13 99-drawings-for-no-more-mistakes12 99-drawings-for-no-more-mistakes11 99-drawings-for-no-more-mistakes7 99-drawings-for-no-more-mistakes9 99-drawings-for-no-more-mistakes5 99-drawings-for-no-more-mistakes8 99-drawings-for-no-more-mistakes4 99-drawings-for-no-more-mistakes3 99-drawings-for-no-more-mistakes6 99-drawings-for-no-more-mistakes10 99-drawings-for-no-more-mistakes2 99-drawings-for-no-more-mistakes1