Test: How many shades of color can you distinguish? - Only 25% of the population is able

We have talked everywhere on the web (maybe even too much) about the famous blue / white / gold dress, it opened up our hearts that we do not see all colors the same way. Here is a small test popped up on the web to see if you are able to detect all the nuances of colors. It's quite simple, you have to count the number of bands of colors that you are able to distinguish. You can help yourself with your cursor so as not to lose the account. (via Aether Concept)


If you see less than 20 shades of colors: You perceive colors with only 2 types of receptors, you shouldn't worry too much, you're like 25% of the population.

If you see between 20 and 32 shades of colors: You perceive colors with 3 types of receptors. 50% of the population is like you.

If you see between 33 and 39 shades of colors: You are in the clan of champions and you can distinguish the nuances very well. 25% of the population is like you, you are certainly the best to choose the colors in your apartment / house.

If you see more than 39 shades of colors: You may not be able to count well or you really see better than everyone!!!

That being said, this test should not be taken very seriously, it is really for fun.