What is the average size of a penis? The moment of truth for all boys!

17 scientific studies were compiled by researchers from King’s College of London to establish the average size (length and girth) of the penis. In all 15 penises were measured to arrive at the following results (drum roll):

Admit that we piqued your curiosity, eh? ;)

Ok here are the results now:

Average penis size at rest: 9,1 centimeters

Average Stretched Penis Size: 13,24 centimeters

Average erect penis size: 13,12 centimeters (the smallest result in this category is 4,8 cm and the largest is 21,2 cm)

The average circumference of a penis at rest: 9,31 centimeters

The average circumference of an erect penis: 11,66 centimeters

 Our reaction to these statistics?