The secret trick to paying less for your plane tickets

The cold attacks you from everywhere, you dream of being in the south making you swarthy on a beach. You want to go on a trip so much that you watch the video in this article for hours. Here is the website analyzed more than five million transactions in order to find the best time to buy plane tickets. The study concludes that the best prices for airline tickets are generally offered 47 days before departure. In 2013, the key moment was 54 days before the travel date. To perform this analysis, looked at flights 320 days in advance until the last minute to deduce that the perfect time is just under 7 weeks before your plane takes off. Travelers save an average of $ 201 on their tickets. Of course, the site strongly suggests not to buy tickets in the last 14 days because usually the customer pays $ 111 more while those who are really at the last minute pay $ 174 more. The site also suggests to always watch for unexpected sales which is meant to fill planes. I had no choice but to share this information with you so that you could travel this summer with the most money in your pockets.