Cute black dogs just begging to be adopted

Photographer Guinnevere shuster decided to help black dogs find a family. She says that photos of black dogs are often not very pretty, and you don't necessarily see all the dog's charm. That's why she worked on a series of photos in order to adopt cute little machines on all fours with little slippers integrated. Several of these dogs are now adopted and no choice to emphasize the addition of flowers to make them even more crisp.

black-dog-portraits-floral-crown-guinnevere-shuster-1 black-dog-portraits-floral-crown-guinnevere-shuster-2 black-dog-portraits-floral-crown-guinnevere-shuster-3 black-dog-portraits-floral-crown-guinnevere-shuster-4 black-dog-portraits-floral-crown-guinnevere-shuster-5 black-dog-portraits-floral-crown-guinnevere-shuster-6 black-dog-portraits-floral-crown-guinnevere-shuster-7 black-dog-portraits-floral-crown-guinnevere-shuster-8