There are days when “there won't be easy for you” (25 photos)

There are days that have the slogan “there will be no easy one for you”! You know the kind of day that nothing works but really nothing. Even if you had stayed in your bed something really awkward / boring / why would have happened!?! Here are people who will surely forget this day. Seeing these photos, I tell myself that in the end my Tuesday is not any worse.

When you try to be sexy for your Tinder photo


When you get into sport and you really want to show your teammates that you are good


When your best wedding photo looks like this

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When you pray, closing your eyes, saying to yourself "I caught the ball"

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When you manage to make a drama by wanting to drink your juice

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When you were so close but at the same time so far away to have a good morning

enhanced-buzz-7070 1421772029-13

When you really think of yourself as a grasshopper

enhanced-buzz-7259 1421774293-22

When eternity is written on your iPhone

enhanced-buzz-7302 1421773038-11

When you go from really far with your New Years resolution

enhanced-buzz-7933 1421772260-19

When you finally get the dress you've been waiting for

enhanced-buzz-8569 1421772037-31

The story of my life

enhanced-buzz-11725 1421772232-17

At least you had the chance to take a picture of it to make your friends salivate on InstagramScreenshot 2015-01-20 to 16.47.55

When your day was going to be magical

Screenshot 2015-01-20 to 16.47.46

His face… ayayayaillle phew!

enhanced-buzz-12998 1421774301-14

When you're happy to hold the balloons for the one you love

enhanced-buzz-14921 1421786629-39

The end of time

 enhanced-buzz-16726 1421772408-12

When it's really not your day / The stress must be at its peak

enhanced-buzz-17422 1421772274-11

When your best friend is having a bad day

enhanced-buzz-20923 1421785734-20

When you truly are a champion of timing

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When the fire department does not arrive and you decide to solve your problem on your own

enhanced-buzz-24268 1421785742-19

When you really feel unimportant to each other

enhanced-buzz-24929 1421772457-4

When it was a temporary love

enhanced-buzz-25838 1421772430-5

When you say to yourself why

enhanced-buzz-29409 1421786016-8

When nothing goes

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