5 women born in the 1800s who are still alive today

Very few people can claim to have lived through an entire century! These 5 women here have done it and more! They all have in common that they were born in the 1800s! To give you an idea, Nietzsche, Oscar Wilde et Émile Zola were all still alive at the time of their birth! It's something! Bravo to these 5 truly exceptional women! (via Bored Panda)




Susannah Mushatt Jones (USA), 115 years old (born July 6, 1899)

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Misao Okawa (Japan), 116 years old (born March 5, 1898)

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Gertrude Weaver (USA), 116 years old (born July 4, 1898)


Emma Morano (Italy), 115 years old (born November 29, 1899)


Jeralean Talley (USA), 115 years old (born May 23, 1899)