Here is the result that happens if you leave the doors and windows of your house open for too long in winter

American artist Chris Larson watered the interior of a house and opened all windows and doors to let snow take over. In order to express himself on the dangers and climatic upheavals, Chris frankly succeeded in his installation entitled "Deep North". The extreme temperature, as we currently live in Quebec, made it possible to freeze the furniture, the trinkets, the ground… A work, without wanting to play on words, which gives chills.

Deep-North-Frozen-Home-by-Chris-Larson-1 Deep-North-Frozen-Home-by-Chris-Larson-2 Deep-North-Frozen-Home-by-Chris-Larson-3 Deep-North-Frozen-Home-by-Chris-Larson-4 Deep-North-Frozen-Home-by-Chris-Larson-5