Chef Ricardo reveals the 10 things not to say to a guy when he cooks

The top chef Ricardo in collaboration with Stéphane Dompierre reveal to us with humor the situation of the guys in a kitchen. It's a bit cheesy but there are some funny jokes and I liked the stats. So to the delight of the girls, here are the secrets / information to understand a boy in a kitchen according to Ricardo!
Screenshot 2015-01-05 to 19.19.03 Habit-Ricardo-kitchen-guy-01 Habit-Ricardo-kitchen-guy-02 Habit-Ricardo-kitchen-guy-03 Habit-Ricardo-kitchen-guy-04 Habit-Ricardo-kitchen-guy-05 Habit-Ricardo-kitchen-guy-06 Habit-Ricardo-kitchen-guy-07 Habit-Ricardo-kitchen-guy-08 Habit-Ricardo-kitchen-guy-09 Habit-Ricardo-kitchen-guy-10 gars