Montreal's first mermaid school opens - Now you can become a professional mermaid

After thatit is now possible in Montreal to eat sushi on the body of a naked woman, here's what to takeAquasirene is the wacky new activity in Montreal. For about fifty dollars you can put on a costume and take yourself for Ariel the little mermaid. With the slogan "Aquasiren is dedicated to the happiness of the mermaid that sleeps in you", you can be sure that you will be a real one. fish that dabbles in water. It is with a certain Marielle who teaches this "sport" and who has as title on their Grand Site website to be a "professional mermaid". It is important to mention that even if you are a man you can take this course, because there are mermaid men yes yes… uh… yes yes! (via the bro Matthieu bonin)

Sirene-montreal-quebec-school-02 Sirene-montreal-quebec-school-01 Sirene-montreal-quebec-school-03

Untitled from Monika naumann on Vimeo.