People who don't know Photoshop and make such funny mistakes it's unbelievable

I love people who use Photoshop but don't really know the program. It often gives very questionable results when they try to show off by making big, obvious mistakes. In February 2013, we did an article on the subject showing 35 photos that are so funny it's almost unbelievable. This time I present you 18 photos made by companies or celebrities.




Has Beyoncé swayed too much this year, yet one of her legs seems zigzagged?


When Target decides to pick up perfect models for their weird clothes


This model on Ebay really influences me to buy this ring that seems magical


When John Mayer and his friend overuse Photoshop effects to look young or cartoonish

Screenshot 2015-01-03 to 16.26.19

Ann Taylor seems to have a small belly for her pelvis


Neno I don't see that you used the erase on the right


Does Kate Upton Still Have A Blurred Arm

Screenshot 2015-01-03 to 16.30.19

When Chanel uses models with a Giraffe style


When you wear this bikini your arms automatically get super long

Screenshot 2015-01-03 to 16.31.54

Looks like the "cleavage" is a touch too long for this Victoria's Secret model


This mannequin is known for her clawing fingers


I can almost say with certainty that this woman has never had an iced coffee in her life


The lucky one, I who always dreamed of having 2 navels… the dream!


Photoshoots can be extreme, this model for Urban Outfitters lost a leg


Or lose an arm


Finally this chef is holding his pizza funny, I imagine that it must be the gloves which are magic