Bye Bye 2014 - The best Bye Bye I've seen in my life

For several years I have been listening to Bye Bye and I don't laugh a lot. Even though the reviews are good, and everyone is writing on Facebook that the Bye Bye is wonderful in my family we forced ourselves a little to laugh. Super nice surprise last night seeing the edition of bye bye 2014, I was cramped. Janine Sutto who hydrates and becomes an ultra top sexy lady, Sébastien Ricard who sings that he was influenced by Claude Dubois concerning his arrest for drinking and driving (the eyebrow of Biz WOW), the advertisement of the show Le monde according to Dorval du bonbon, the cover of Cocothon by TVA Nouvelle Magique, Jean Airoldi made by the excellent Pierre Brassard, the parody of the advertisement of Trivago (Trivagosse) and the song of the "nice stars" of the Charbonneau Commission was screaming laughing. Well done to this team, you gave us a mega smile to start the year 2015.