The house from the movie Mum I Missed the Plane is currently on sale and I do not recommend you buy it

The house in the village of Winnetka, Illinois in the classic movie Mom I missed the plane is currently on sale. For the sum of 2.4 million dollars you could live where little Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) was forgotten during the holidays. There you tell yourself that it's too great and that you would just like to take a tour of the house and pretend to be interested in buying it. The only catch is that the house doesn't look at all like what it was in the movie. No more the same furniture, no more tapestries and we forget the little family cachet that there was in the film. I recommend that you buy yourself a good old square TV, a VHS player and get the film to watch it sitting in Indian on your floor. Besides, I had forgotten but John Candy is in it worse since he played Uncle Buck, he is one of my favorite actors.


01-Home-Alone-house-entry-and-staircase 02-Home-Alone-house-today-foyer-611x342 03-Home-Alone-movie-house-piano 04-Home-Alone-house-today-living-room-611x342 05-Home-Alone-house-home-office-today-611x342 06-Home-Alone-movie-house-green-tile-counter-kitchen 07-Home-Alone-movie-house-kitchen 08-Home-Alone-real-house-updated-kitchen-611x342 09-Home-Alone-movie-house-kitchen-back-staircase 10-Home-Alone-house-kitchen-eat-in-area-611x342 11-Kevin-in-his-parents-bedroom-Home-Alone 12-Home-Alone-real-house-master-bedroom-611x342 13-Home-Alone-movie-house-looking-into-dining-room 14-Home-Alone-house-today-dining-room-611x342