The best of / Most fruity moments in 2014 by Pellep Pellep Pellep

The year 2014 is coming to an end and it's frankly a big year for me. As a columnist for the Buzz program on Musique Plus, I have to do one capsule per week on a web trend. With the means at hand and the extremely important participation of my friends, we managed to make some fruit-joy-pop-nice capsules. This week at Buzz I presented the Best of / fruity moments of 2014 and I must absolutely underline the work of my entourage to thank them for their help which is worth more than Doug's love for Patty Mayonnaise / more than Archie's love for Betty & Veronica / more than the discovery of the famous bling-bling secret city in the Cities of Gold.

Jocelyn Pelichet
My bro with whom I live, he's real. It is he who endures me when I panic because I have no concept and I am walking on the ceiling doing the fish that comes out of the water. He helps me enormously in the search for ideas, he pushes me to go further in my concepts. Sometimes I seem very intelligent doing exactly what he suggested to me (luckily you're there my man). This is the guy who will tell you if it's good or you're heading in the wrong direction. He makes my capsules sound to sound cool on TV and he's there for his little brother. I owe you a lot bro coco d'amore, you know it.

Mirko & Joe Beau
My 2 cameramen this year, ok when I say cameraman it's more director / cameraman / editor / driver / helper… They do the job of 4-5 people but all alone. I don't know how many times they had sleepless nights to get the capsules on time and how they got it running when I called them at the last second and I was like: "you have to be there in 1 hour pleaseeeeee ”. Real bros who make me say why I am not from Joliette and to have been a bro with them since I know how to walk.

Dave Morgan
This guy there I love him, he's a top bro! His sense of repartee, dropping jokes like a machine and his charming head… that's why it's fun to work with him. We did a lot of capsules together this year: the ghetto swimming pool in a recycling bin, the tribute to Chick'n Swell where he was a banana, having a BBQ in March with friends in swimsuits… but my favorite of all my capsules ever rest The parody of the morning routine of Marilou. This shoot there with the top lady Sarah T. was completely magical!

Oli Duclos
This guy there I also love him very much, we did the stunt of the false Ginette Reno! 1 X Boston and 2 X New York in 3 weeks, definitely one of my best stunts ever. Oli always has a smile on his face, except when he makes fake unhappy looks that you can't take seriously. Always ready to embark on a project and the more the project is dreamy / not possible the more he is ready. We pushed friendship to the limit quite a bit by participating in Jonathan Roberge's video (you know it)! I'm expecting another huge stunt with you in 2015: around the world or walking on the moon in an underwear with Mr Freeze?

J.T. Utah
For the stunt of the false Ginette Reno, we worked so hard. We wanted to go all out and go as far as we could. With JT you always end up at jet set locations even if you are in New York. You talk 10 minutes with JT and you feel like you have the most important talk on the planet. The dude is a really good boy and I'm so happy to see him at Buzz on Tuesday, a big yes!

There are still 1000 other friends to whom I want to give love! A lot of:
Vanessa Boudrias when you dance i melt under your charming talent like a popsicle rocket in the sun
Jeanne Buisson Latulippe you are certainly a fruity top lady who is magic (that's when we go to the Village des Valeurs together to change the prices)
Frederic Bastien Forrest bro I think we have a good concept together 2 videos 2 homeruns, we do it again in 2015 my man
Anik Boucher & Andree-Anne Leblanc you make me laugh like that, it's always ben no ben no hahahahaha! <3
Gabriel Joncas you know that I love you my little medium cocoa joy, Let it Goooooo in the car it's a splendid moment of 2014
Lysander Nadeau you're more hot / sexy chocolate than Pellepa and we have to go eat a pizza together!
Jean-Sebastien Betit brooo your advice / analysts are magic I'm a fan of your interventions in the videos
Camille Cormier Renaud aka funky pants lady, you belay way too much in front of a camera, you're perfect!
Gael Comtois we don't see each other often but it's always a great pleasure to chill / make capsules with you bro (4AM, pizza, sofa and ...)