The long-awaited list of worst names of 2014

Never! I will never understand those parents who give complicated, strange and ugly names to poor helpless children. Seriously, it's not this poor kid's fault that his parents don't have a friend to tell them it's the worst idea of ​​their life! Phew, it feels good to say it publicly. Now, let's have fun laughing at these babies who will have already won a prize (that of the worst name) two days of life!

To read the full list, you can also go to the website of BabyCenter.


The worst of the worst baby girl names: Merci, Etsy, Hyacinth, Yolo, Tempest, Rhythm, Melrose, Nivea, Zuly, Rihanna, Topita, Djaysie.

The worst of the worst baby boy names: Zeppelin, Dior, Tiger, Berk, Castle, Bruce Lee.