Police officers who don't take their jobs seriously and just want to have fun

It's not easy to always be serious when you're a police officer. They often face extreme situations and it doesn't always have to be easy on morale. Here are some police officers who are perhaps having a little too much fun. You'll see police taking pictures of a dog, playing giant beer pong, hula hooping and dancing sexy with a girl. They should have taken off their uniforms before embarking on any entertainment. (via Smosh and research)

police-being-awesome-beer-pong police-being-awesome-dog-mountie police-being-awesome-fall  police-being-awesome-horse-mask police-being-awesome-hula-hoops police-being-awesome-jump-skate police-being-awesome-magic-cards police-being-awesome-music-dj police-being-awesome-skateboard police-being-awesome-stunts police-being-awesome-turtle-chase  police-being-awesome-video-game police-officers-being-awesome-skatebaord-2 policemanonthepinkbikepolice-being-awesome-girlspolice-being-awesome-twerk