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Following the success of the article 10 Quebec businesses that use sex in their name to attract curious people, I researched a bit and listened to your suggestions. Still quite difficult to find better than La petite molle à Réjean, Dépanneur Madesh or Boutique Roule ta Bille. I found 10 other businesses that use sex for our enjoyment.






 1. The “Bi” Kurious or the Bi Curious.10548223_746701762057382_9115602948987244809_o

2. Dick The sweet one, it seems he's ben ben sweetitem_large

3. Garage in bate with Luca and Bruno who take care of you


4. Chez my darling fat sow, a classic that everyone knows

the-carnival-and-showy-sign-does-very-well-its-work-and-invites-the-curious-that-I-am-to-discover-the-restaurant-at-my-fat-sow- sweetheart

5. We finally found Le Point G !!! It is located…. on Mont-Royal

G point

6. Quite a slogan


7. The Carrefour Laval store where you will find the perfect boxer shorts for your body


8. An easy word game with this Sexitation


9. Chez Mado, it's Christmas every day of the year


10. My favorite in this article, Granny is hot! Well let's see granny ...


As a bonus, I give a mention to this posterBars-quebec-frette-beers