Mc Gilles will destabilize the Quebec star-system with his new program PaparaGilles

At Petit Petit Gamin, we love Mc Gilles (and also the handsome Pavlov)! He is a refreshing personality in the Quebec media landscape, and we are very happy / impatient to see the first show of PaparaGilles on ICI ARTV tonight at 22:30 p.m. We will have the chance to see our Mc Gilles present us behind the scenes of the Quebec star-system with its humorous, absurd and irreverent touch. Already the whole team of Petit Petit Gamin loves his discoveries on his Facebook as well as his interventions at Infoman, we can't wait to see him at the helm of this new program. This gentleman with his cowboy hat will cover red carpets, launches, vernissages ... with the aim of making us discover confidences, gossip and "kidding" with artistic personalities. It is expected to be scathing and to destabilize a bit the cultural scene where everyone is often too nice. In addition, our champion of healthy discoveries will be accompanied by top collaborators: Katherine Levac, Fabien Cloutier and the excellent Jean-René Dufort. I have already entered the broadcast dates on a post-it that I stuck on my television: Fridays 3 (today) and 31 October, 28 November and 19 December, 22:30 p.m. on ICI ARTV.

We invite you to visit the official website for more details on the show: