The pizza cake, the best recipe to impress your friends or your children!

I give love to this blog who decided to write an article on this culinary discovery, the pizza cake! You can follow the recipe and make it to your guests! If you decide to try it, send us the picture please!


 1. Cut your dough the size of your mold. You can make your own dough (really?) Or buy it ready-made.


 2. Put a mega parchment paper in the bottom so that it does not stick. Also, don't forget to put a dough in the bottom so that your filling will fit on something.


 3. Dress each layer as you want (it's so exciting) and repeat this action until the top of your mold.


 4. For the last layer of dough, roll up the sides like a real pizza. Put it in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes.


 5. Take everything out of your mold and parchment paper and cut to see the final result! Youppi!