Original and fun ways to announce that you are expecting a child

Your girlfriend is pregnant, and you are looking for an original way to tell your friends? You don't want to just write a few words in a Facebook status to announce this big news. Here are some couples who have come up with fun concepts to say they are expecting a child. I admit that I laughed a lot when I saw some of the ideas! I almost feel like making a bambino just to find an original way of announcing it but hey, I'm going to have to find myself a top lady to start (and find a fresh concept afterwards to tell everyone that I have a top lady, by then I post pictures of my dog Barry White tse)!


Eating-and-Drinking-for-2 Funny-Pregnancy-Announcements-01 Funny-Pregnancy-Announcements-02 Funny-Pregnancy-Announcements-03 Funny-Pregnancy-Announcements-04 Funny-Pregnancy-Announcements-05 Funny-Pregnancy-Announcements-06 Funny-Pregnancy-Announcements-07 Funny-Pregnancy-Announcements-08 Funny-Pregnancy-Announcements-09 Funny-Pregnancy-Announcements-10  Pregnancy-Announcement-2 Pregnancy-Announcement-3 Pregnancy-Announcement-4 Pregnancy-Announcement-5 Pregnancy-Announcement-6 Pregnancy-Announcement-7 Pregnancy-Announcement-8 Pregnancy-Announcement-9 In this photo released by NBC Universal, Maury Povich, left, spe Pregnancy-Announcement-11-685x456 Pregnancy-Announcement-12 Pregnancy-Announcement-14 Pregnancy-Announcement-15 Pregnancy-Announcement-16 Pregnancy-Announcement-19 Pregnancy-Announcement-20