30 very funny mistakes they made at work part.3

Photos "You had only one job " are an endless source of fun! We have already presented you about 60 that you can see here et here and we still have about 30 to show you! It is as though we really live in a world of incompetent people! At least there is something to laugh about! (via Buzzfeed)

Screenshot 2014-09-29 to 18.48.10tumblr_n3uj7aQQqP1rgzhe0o1_500Screenshot 2014-09-29 to 18.44.43  Screenshot 2014-09-29 to 18.45.23 Screenshot 2014-09-29 to 18.45.39

It's important to put spaces in the right places when writing!

Screenshot 2014-09-29 to 18.46.53  enhanced-24124-1411922083-12Screenshot 2014-09-29 to 18.48.25 Screenshot 2014-09-29 to 18.48.59 Screenshot 2014-09-29 to 18.49.15  enhanced-2427-1411921522-3 enhanced-2583-1411847581-6 enhanced-10424-1411846760-21 Screenshot 2014-09-29 to 18.46.24enhanced-10954-1411846157-5 enhanced-10972-1411846320-1 enhanced-12222-1411841310-2

A little "fishy" ...

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Worst cook logo!


I "braille"!

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