Surfer and his girlfriend work 2 years to transform a 1948 bus into a mobile home

A bit in the same vein as the couple who transformed a 1979 trailer into a little piece of paradise, here is the surfer Ryan Lovelace with the help of his girlfriend modified a 1948 Chevys bus. Bought on Craiglist, the bus called Ophelia and it is now a mobile home. Lovelace embarked on this project when he consulted a book in the 70s where we presented the DIY concept of making a house on a bus. With the help of his friends, they did the interior decoration, opened the roof to add an extension that will become the bedroom and furnish this mobile apartment with in particular an oven found in Texas. After 2 years of working with his girlfriend, you might run into him on a beach in the United States. This pretty pretty project is certainly a dream!

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