Tourisme Trois-Rivières makes an EXTREMELY cheesy advertisement

So I roll up my sleeves because I don't know where to start to present this video to you? Tourism Trois-Rivières lands on the web with this “wonderful” and “romantic” love story between Marie and Simon. We can read in the Vimeo description “This getaway will lead them to realize the many points they have in common. A VERY memorable day (the capital TR is like that in the description… not true, it's for TR for Trois-Rivières!) Memorable… ”.

I'm a big fan of cheesy love movies, I love them 10 Things I Hate About YouShe's All ThatHow to lose a guy in 10 days… but the Tourism Trois-Rivières you are going too far.

0:01 - What is the spoon move, looks like she wants to put it in the cup but not really
0:04 - The coffee must have been cold because she makes a face
0:12 - The guy writes: "Very good choice for a first meeting :)" I just want to mention it
0:24 - Simon from Montreal / Marie from Quebec / They're in Trois-Rivières, have you got it? It is between the 2 cities!
0:40 - Finally it's not a very good choice of place for a meeting… eh my Sim
0:55 - Is it just me where I'm saying out loud what they should be saying to each other: "Hey that's a big pig Marie" "Ouan that's a beige pig tse heille it's big a pig ”
1:06 - She goes pretty strong to wipe off the mustard
1:18 - We can hear in the music a small voice, love comes, Love (I capitalized the AM as in TRès)
1:25 - Sim doesn't want the cone, does she put it in her nose… why can't we see Simon's reaction, couldn't be happy…
1:40 - No they're not going to dance ... ok phew
2:06 to 2:11 - Simon's face
2:36 - Marie says "Done" with a big smile / Simon has his One Night Stand!
3:13 - SITUATION REVERSAL, it's not a One Night Stand, it's been 15 years that are together and they got married
3:36 - The "I love you" made me fall laughing at the bottom of my chair

We do not know if the couple moved to Montreal or Quebec… no there will not be a sequel where they return to TR. (TR in the sense of Trois-Rivière, tsé le TRès)