You will have to make your coconut work to understand these photos

Not easy to understand the photos in this article, you will have to work your coconut a little to understand. On each photo, there is an illusion, it's up to you to find the trick / the trick. It's a real game! If you don't succeed, I invite you to communicate with Luc Langevin because he must know all the magic tricks. I admit that it took me a good 30 seconds to understand the last photo, and yet it's still obvious! If you want more you can also consult this article!

right-angle-baby-arms right-angle-bike-tire-bent right-angle-boat-truck right-angle-cat-ceiling right-angle-dog-gymnastics-spider right-angle-float-trash-can right-angle-girl-bar-crotch right-angle-girl-big-leg right-angle-girl-hairy-legs right-angle-girl-spread-chair right-angle-girls-christmas-legs right-angle-girls-dog right-angle-group-bench right-angle-hair-head-hug right-angle-legs-girl-kneel right-angle-legs-up-couch right-angle-shades-neck