This is what the new iPhone 6 (and the iWatch) looks like

There is a big event Apple today and the iPhone 6 has just been unveiled! Here is its look bigger than the iPhone 5s (and even bigger if you choose the 6Plus version, almost an iPad mini). It will be available in the following colors: silver, gold or black. We already know that the camera will be much improved and that the battery will be much more powerful! For residents of the USA only, the iPhone 6 will even have a direct payment function (a bit like a debit or credit card but with your phone)! Both models will be available from September 19 and on pre-sale from 12. Prices? $ 199 for 16GB, $ 299 for 64GB and $ 399 for 128GB.
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La iWatch was also unveiled during the event! This is what she looks like:

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