The new trend of the moment: laughing at makeup tutorials #makeuptransformation

In order to laugh at the makeup tutorials very present on YouTube, men and women have gone on the trend Makeup Transformation on Twitter and Instagram. You can go and see directly by typing #makeuptransformation or look at the photos in this article! In all cases we see 3 photos of the same person putting on makeup to finally become a celebrity! Some are very funny like Mr Bean or 50 Cent!1310936703326_ORIGINAL 1310936703349_ORIGINAL 1310936703350_ORIGINAL 1310936703359_ORIGINAL 1310936703368_ORIGINAL 1310936703369_ORIGINAL 1310936703389_ORIGINAL 1310936703390_ORIGINAL 1310936703404_ORIGINAL 1310936703405_ORIGINAL 1310936703406_ORIGINAL 1310936703407_ORIGINAL 1310936703408_ORIGINAL 1310936703409_ORIGINAL 1310936703410_ORIGINAL 1310936703411_ORIGINAL 1310936703412_ORIGINAL 1310936703413_ORIGINAL 1310936703414_ORIGINAL 1310936703415_ORIGINAL 1310936703431_ORIGINAL 1310936703432_ORIGINAL 1310936703433_ORIGINAL 1310936703434_ORIGINAL 1310936703435_ORIGINAL 1310936703442_ORIGINAL 1310936703454_ORIGINAL 1310936703474_ORIGINAL 1310936703478_ORIGINAL 1310936703596_ORIGINAL