Are you going to observe the super moon tonight?

Do you know the super moon phenomenon? It happens between 4 and 6 times a year. This is when the Moon is closer to the Earth, then it appears brighter and bigger. The phenomenon is even more spectacular when it coincides with the full moon. This year we have to say that we are lucky, because there are 3 Super Moons this summer which coincide with the Full Moon! Yes Yes! The premiere took place on July 12, the second will take place tonight and the third will take place on September 9th. So, if you want to observe the phenomenon, you will have to leave your computer screen momentarily to go and see it outside! It will be at its peak at 2:09 am.

Here are several photos taken around the world of the super moon on July 12. We expect an avalanche of images of the super moon tonight on social networks!

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