20 people far too flexible

Did you think you were a flexible person? You impressed your friends by separating your fingers to act like Spock? I think you're going to lose your title of the most flexible person in the world when you go to look at these photos. I hurt for them, it's just not possible! I've been trying to get my legs behind my neck for a while now and even if you give me $ 1 million, I'll just never make it! At least I'm able to do the split / splits like Luc Senay with my index and middle fingers! (via Smosh)

contort-peeps-asia contort-peeps-ass contort-peeps-college contort-peeps-eye contort-peeps-fat contort-peeps-fridge contort-peeps-gold contort-peeps-heels contort-peeps-hot2 contort-peeps-jamaica contort-peeps-meh contort-peeps-model contort-peeps-scream contort-peeps-snake contort-peeps-square contort-peeps-tennis contort-peeps-thin contort-peeps-tongue contort-peeps-ug contortionist-amazing-blue