When the "selfie" sells

Here are some advertising campaigns that integrate the "selfie" to promote a product. Obviously these companies want to be up to date and the “selfie” has enjoyed growing popularity in recent years. Here are some interesting examples of the integration of the concept of the "selfie" in an advertising context:

The African newspaper Cape Time has the slogan "You can't be closer to the news ”. For their advertising campaign, they tampered with famous “selfie” photographs.

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To promote an optical image stabilizer offered by Canon (featuring the statue of Christopher Columbus in Barcelona):



To promote the Selfie Stick :



Here are some very good TV campaigns around the concept of the "selfie":


And to finish this overview of the “selfie” in advertising, there is this Turkish campaign which makes us aware of the egocentric aspect of the “selfie”:


(via Long live the pub)