$ 125 to change the name of a metro station - We want to change 000

Last May, without saying it loud and clear, the STM changed the names of some twenty stations in Montreal. There was no change of display except for Square-Victoria station which becomes Square-Victoria — OACI. How much did this change cost for this station, $ 125. If we do that for the other 000, it's going to be expensive. Especially since for several stations we only add a "de / d '/ du" in front of the name. Why this change? Why take out so much money? Why want to standardize the names of stations, is it really important for users? Without wanting to be mean, I think we could put our time / energy on more important projects for the Montreal metro. It's still obvious, I would really like to hear Denis Coderre's opinion on this subject.


List of changes:

- Acadie becomes L'Acadie

- Assumption becomes L'Assomption

- Cadillac becomes De Cadillac

- Champ-de-Mars becomes Champ-de-Mars

- Côte-des-Neiges becomes Côte-des-Neiges

- Côte-Sainte-Catherine becomes Côte-Sainte-Catherine

- Côte-Vertu becomes Côte-Vertu

- Longueuil — Université-de-Sherbrooke becomes Longueuil — Université-de-Sherbrooke

- Mont-Royal becomes Mont-Royal

- Namur becomes Namur

- Outremont becomes d'Outremont

- Park becomes Park

- Place-d'Armes becomes Place-d'Armes

- Place Saint-Henri becomes Place-Saint-Henri

- Snowdon becomes Snowdon

- Square-Victoria becomes Square-Victoria — OACI

- Université-de-Montréal becomes Université-de-Montréal

- Vendôme becomes Vendôme

- Verdun becomes Verdun