It turns your Facebook photos into sloth drawings

Hector Janse van Rensburg had the strange idea of ​​asking 50 Facebook users for permission to recreate one of their Facebook photo as a drawing. So far it can go, but what's a little weird about its concept is that it turns people in photos into lazy people. Why? We don't really know, but since the sloth is my favorite animal, I still think it's cool! Here are some original photos and reproductions. If you like the concept you can always add it on Facebook and ask him if he can redo one of your photos!

facebook-sloth-portraits-shitty-watercolor-2 facebook-sloth-portraits-shitty-watercolor-3 facebook-sloth-portraits-shitty-watercolor-4 facebook-sloth-portraits-shitty-watercolor-5 facebook-sloth-portraits-shitty-watercolor-6 facebook-sloth-portraits-shitty-watercolor-7 facebook-sloth-portraits-shitty-watercolor-8 facebook-sloth-portraits-shitty-watercolor-9 facebook-sloth-portraits-shitty-watercolor-10

Here is all of his work: