10 really original CVs that will inspire you

Haven't you found a summer job yet? It's time to use a new technique to win over employers with your CV. In collaboration with Gardens, we present you 10 truly original CVs! In addition, when you have found a job, you must participate in the competition Depositing your payroll pays off at Desjardins where you run the chance to win your pay! You just have to ask your future employer to deposit your salary directly into your account Gardens before July 31, 2014. I love CV # 9, I hope it has found a dream job!

1. The portable CV that you print on your sweater


2. The CV where you are the hero on a cereal box


3. You can also sell your talents on Ebay


4. Are you a rare gem? You absolutely have to get the top secret CV


5. The CV which is good to lick your fingers


6. The CV on a bag of crisps to find you a crisp job


7. The Lego CV where your employer can build the perfect employee


8. You can do 400 figures of yourself like this Swedish photographer

figurine-cv-2 figurine-cv-3 figurine-cv-4

9. The CV which is a Nintendo game (my favorite)! You can play here.


10. The song resume but I'm not sure you'll find a job if you sing like him