Saved wild animals that are so cute

Le Pageau Refuge located in Abitibi-Témiscamingue is one of the rare non-profit organizations that gives body and soul to help the cute little animals of nature. In the spring, several wild mothers disappear for a lot of pocket reasons, leaving their young abandoned in a wild environment. This is where the Pageau Refuge is coming to help these little beasts! In addition, if you are looking for an activity during the summer, they are ready to welcome you so that you see wolves, bears, eagles, owls, beavers, otters, skunks or moose scratching their buttocks with panache! Prepare your smiles and your "Oooonnhh", because we unearthed you photos of small and big ultra-cool / the most awww boarders!

Ali-lievre Bottle-couscous-the-beaver Raccoon-bottle Bro-Alf-the Moose cry-skunk-cry squirrel-in-ball huggie-the bear Julien-Poulin-and-the-wolves- (1) happy wolf loup Michel, -Joseph-et-Moukou monette-le-lynx field mouse Nyctale-BoreÌ ?? ale-skeptic moose-scratches-the-buttocks stunned-bear raccoon paw little-porc-epic phaon quick-quick-otter young rat fox Robee-the-bear-sleeping-hard Titi-skunk