15 tips to make your move pleasant on July XNUMXst

Are you moving on July XNUMXst and you are not a very physical person / do you have small muscles? In collaboration with SuperClub Videotron, we present you 15 tips to facilitate / succeed your move without you pouring a taste of sweat. Moreover in your new residence, I invite you to jump on the promotion "Blu-Ray is looking for a roommate”Where you could get a free blu-ray player. All you need to do is activate a mobile phone line + another service or subscribe to a trio package at SuperClub Videotron. I wish you the best of luck with your move, and if you invite me to come and help you out, I might really be the guy in picture # 11.

1. You have to organize your boxes in your truck


2. You absolutely need this truck to impress all your old neighbors (I hope there isn't a banana peel on the catwalk)


3. If you don't have a truck, you can always make a move with a small tractor


4. Sometimes you're better off leaving things aside even if you really like the rock in front of your house.


5. You can move ecologically / Cirque du Soleil


6. If you like to brag about your beautiful TV (???), you can also move by metro


7. It's sunny outside next July XNUMXst and you want to be original, I invite you to move by boat


8. When you have motivated friends


9. When you have really motivated friends


10. He didn't want to be in a box


11. If you want to have a good move, you have to be the guy in red


12. If you don't do anything, chances are you'll have a consequence


13. The important thing is to keep your best smile all day long even if sometimes it is not easy


14. Don't forget to bring your friend safely for life


15. Basically, sometimes it's better and easier to just move the whole house.