10 jobs that are too perfect to exist

Do you want to have the best life? You know that in order to have fun every day you have to love your job. In collaboration with Gardens, we present to you the 10 jobs that are too perfect to exist. It's possible to get paid to lie down in beds or put on your swimsuit and slide every day. Moreover, what is also perfect is the contest Depositing your payroll pays off at Desjardins where you run the chance to win your pay! Just ask your employer to deposit your salary directly into your account Gardens before July 31, 2014.

Bed tester
Jo Unsworth tests beds for the John Lewis Company. She says it's literally a dream job!

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Page turner for musicians
If you're a music lover, you won't find better seats to attend concerts!

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Water slide tester
Tommy Lynch travels the world to try out waterslides. It evaluates them in relation to height, speed, safety etc.


Fashion Advisor - Personal Buyer
If you love fashion and shopping, this job is perfect for you!

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Chocolate consultant
Edouard Bechoux helps companies with the creation and production of all chocolate products.


Organizations like Routard or Lonely Planet need “professional travelers” in order to get tourist information on the ground.

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Greeting card writer
Whether it's a birthday or a wish for a well-being, it takes people to write in the greeting cards.

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Video Game Tester
Get Paid To Play Video Games! Wow!

game testers

Music festival reporter
Attend and report on the biggest music festivals.


Test driver for luxury cars
Make a living driving luxury cars. There is worse!


Bonus: Tasty new flavors of ice cream (which appears in the article The most bizarre jobs)

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Bonus: Lego model designer (which appears in the article The most bizarre jobs)