Anti-itinerant peaks have unfortunately arrived in Montreal

The pics anti-homeless have unfortunately arrived in Montreal. A few merchants and residents in downtown Montreal have installed pics in front of their window / on the sidewalk in order to keep homeless people away, strollers or even people who want to rest for a little while. It is therefore now impossible for anyone to take a break of a few minutes in front of the Archambault corner Ste-Catherine / Berri where there are 2 rows of pics as well as in front of McDonald's on Ste-Catherine. This phenomenon, which started in London, has been raising indignation and controversy in recent days on social networks. Here are the photos that are circulating all over the internet at the moment:


In front of a McDonald's restaurant on Ste-Catherine StreetLbjFoug

In front of the Archambault store located at the corner of Sainte-Catherine and Berri in Montreal

Photo: Tina Tennerielllo, CJAD 800 reporter


Photo: Pedro Ruiz - Duty