Here are the different children's rooms around the world!

Many of you liked the article showing what people eat in a meal around the world. So, in the same vein, here is a portrait of the rooms where several children sleep in the world. This is the work of photographer James Mollison and I have to say it really gives you pause. The term cozy can take many forms! (via Distractify)

1. Alex, Brazil

11131-620x 12105-620x

2. Bilal, West Bank

1307-620x 2263-620x

3. Indira, Nepal

3166-620x 4131-620x

4. Ahkohxet, Brazil

5116-620x 6105-620x

5. Dong, China

7100-620x 893-620x

6. Juan David, Colombia

Juan-David-10-Medellin-Colombia-620x Ryan-2-620x

7. Ryuta, Japan

Ryuta-10-Tokyo-Japan-620x Ryuta1-620x

8. Joey, USA

1967-620x 2063-620x

9. Anonymous, Côte d'Azur

993-620x 1091-620x

10. Bikram, Nepal

1386-620x 1481-620x

11. Tzvika, West Bank

1579-620x 1671-620x

12. Douha, West Bank

1772-620x 1870-620x

13. Lamine, Senegal

21108-620x 2264-620x

14. Rhiannon, Scotland

2358-620x 2454-620x

15. Risa, Japan

2550-620x 2646-620x

16. Netu, Nepal

2745-620x 2840-620x