The worst internet ad from a Quebec car dealership

Mc Gilles made a wonderful discovery last night! It's exactly the kind of video that I enjoy from start to finish with a huge smile! I think I have to do, a classic on PPG, an analysis of this ad over time. 1-2-3 go ready not ready I'm going!

0:04 - whoa whoa… you are getting closer quickly
0:09 - there you are too close, you will enter the camera
0:19 - I haven't listened to what she says yet
0:20 - ok I heard the “Hondâââ”!
0:31 - I can't believe how she moves fast
0:48 - there I don't understand anything anymore
1:03 - New music
1:33 - why are you cramped… not because you are laughing at us because we are still listening to your video after more than a minute and a half
1:47 - "with all the fun things you want in a car"
1:55 - Can you settle down, I want to see the painting behind you please
2:13 - A small deposit of $ 1250
- It's still fashion tongue piercing?
2:17 - The dog back awww
2:32 - A small deposit of $ 1625
2:34 - "Pis Lâââ" like "Hondâââ"
2:40 - I see green in your hair, but it must be your color right?

Next head of antenna at LCN? I hope so!