People who have the worst sunburns

For 1 week I have seen photos of people who display their sunburn with pride in my Facebook news feed. It's a little hard to figure out, because you really don't have to be happy to have the ravages of the sun on your skin. For my part, I am in the Blanc-becs team this summer, I really don't mind being white white white, even fluorescent white (if it exists)! The Canadian Cancer Society contacted me recently to talk about his project Miss UV where we find impressive statistics and interesting facts on the subject. It is not a good idea to try to get a huge sunburn in the early summer to have a "bottom"! Or tell yourself that you never expose yourself to the sun but you practice soccer, mini-putt, that you wash your car with your bare chest and that you make sandcastles (all this the same day, 5 times a week ). Tanning is a reaction to attacks from UV rays, tanned skin = damaged skin! For my part, I am extremely careful in front of the sun and I know that when I am going to be a little old man, I will be sexy and healthy to seduce the nice grandmothers! More details here

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The tan fades over time, but the damage caused accumulates, is permanent and becomes visible over time.


The only sunburn that's cool is when you dress up on Halloween (it's scary!)