Strangest Things People Carry On Their Motorcycles In Vietnam

Be careful, you risk having a little culture shock here! These photos were taken in Vietnam by photographer Hans Kemp for his series Bikes of Burden. First, what is obvious is the amount of stuff the Vietnamese are able to carry on their motorbikes. Then it is the things as such that attract the attention! Have you ever seen a man transporting several dozen eggs on a motorbike or even dead animals or even live fish? I hope there aren't too many accidents on the streets of Vietnam! (via BoredPanda)

Hans-Kemp-Bikes-of-Burden_700 Hans-Kemp-Bikes-of-Burden1__700 Hans-Kemp-Bikes-of-Burden2__700 Hans-Kemp-Bikes-of-Burden3__700 Hans-Kemp-Bikes-of-Burden5__700 Hans-Kemp-Bikes-of-Burden7__700 Hans-Kemp-Bikes-of-Burden8__700 Hans-Kemp-Bikes-of-Burden10__700 Hans-Kemp-Bikes-of-Burden11__700 Hans-Kemp-Bikes-of-Burden12__700 Hans-Kemp-Bikes-of-Burden13__700 Hans-Kemp-Bikes-of-Burden15__700 Hans-Kemp-Bikes-of-Burden16__700 Hans-Kemp-Bikes-of-Burden17__700 Hans-Kemp-Bikes-of-Burden18__700 Hans-Kemp-Bikes-of-Burden19__700