To follow on Instagram Jo Roberge: Fiston / Hochelaga & the best Selfie

Last week I presented you with the account MTL Blog Instagram where you can see splendid photos of Montreal. This time, I go for the genius behind the series Son, The famous Jonathan roberge. Don't you know him, really? It would just be too long, for me, to make a list of all his successes, but let's say that to do a little biography, I would say that we are lucky that he was born in Quebec and not elsewhere! His Instagram is the fun because you can see photos of the shooting of the episodes of Son, get to know the Hochelaga district and have access to the best selfie of 2014 in Quebec (at the dentist). In addition, you have to pay attention to his comments because often it brings a smile! He has more than 8 subscribers, I hope we are able to bring that up to 500.

Best Selfie

Pictures of FISTON:

The Hochelaga district <3

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