A Quebecer Loses 150 Pounds in 1 Year - A Quick Devouring Book


It was Mother's Day lately, my mom loves reading and is very interested in people's lives. I had no choice but to give him the book "Change for yourself» from my former history teacher of Mont-Saint-Louis, Philippe Leclair. His career is striking and impactful! Pierrette, my top top mom, decided to write a little text on the book so that I could present it to visitors from Petit Petit Gamin. And frankly, I am happy to talk to you about Philippe because I remember very well having adored him when he was my history teacher. He has a lot of charisma and he knows how to make his subject interesting!

A word from Pierrette:
Whether you have a few pounds or several pounds to lose, I urge you to read: "Change for yourself"To Philippe Leclair. It's a very easy to read and inspiring book. The author reveals his career to us with great authenticity. This book will lead you to make changes in your daily life to reach your goal. Congratulations to Mr. Philippe Leclair for his weight loss of 150 pounds in 1 year and for writing this very interesting book.

The book is available everywhere (Renaud Bray, Archambault...) and also on its website ($ 25 with postage)


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