Host Rej Laplanche puts on a G-String on Ste-Catherine because of the Canadiens' victory

At the start of the Canadiens vs Bruins series, I had made quite a equal with my friend / host of the best show sul cable Buzz Rej Laplanche! If the Bruins won, I was going to put on my thongs and get painted brown and yellow. On the other hand, if the Canadiens won the series, Rej was going to put on a thong and I was going to paint it blue-white-red. When the Canadiens won the last game, I admit that I was happy to celebrate the victory of our team but especially to know that I was not going to wear a thong to Music More. It's been a week since I practiced in front of my mirror to tuck my belly so that it becomes small.

Rej was a good loser and he got into the game, we're doing it again next year bro!