15 kinds of cats you find on the internet

Cats, there is something for everyone! Here are 15, certainly original, who are real stars of the internet! Which one is your favorite? I hesitate between the one who has a thumb and who has fun on his iPhone or the one who says "Hello!" ". But if you are not able to choose your favorite from the 15 presented below, you can always follow this lien which offers you even more!

The sleeping selfie cat


The "good posture" cat

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The “horizontal blinds” cat

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The thumb cat

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The "extreme fight" cat

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The cat with glasses

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The cat who says "Hello! "

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The espadrille cat

enhanced-buzz-21052 1397230956-17

The masked cat

enhanced-buzz-21114 1397229733-8

The cat-rurgiens

enhanced-buzz-21151 1396452859-15

The philosopher cat

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The puss in boots

enhanced-buzz-23535 1397229688-12

The cat looking for his pizza

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The bottle cat

enhanced-buzz-23592 1397229650-12

The cooked chicken cat

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