What have in common: Ginette Reno, Éric Lapointe, Marc Labrèche, Julie Snyder, Jean-Luc Mongrain, Guildor Roy, Fabienne Larouche, Érick Rémy, Rani Daraiche and Rarell (?), Josée Lavigueur, Andrée Watter, Alain Bérubé, Nathalie Simard, Garou, Marcel Leboeuf, Marcel Béliveau, Marie-Chantal Toupin, Annie Brocoli, Sylvain Cossette, Chantal Fontaine, Dany Bédard, Chantal Lacroix, Éric Salvail, Jean-François Mercier, Lise Dion, Daniel Lemire, Boom Desjardins & Isabelle Boulay? (Phew ... I really wrote all the names! Hope this is going to be good for my Google SEO haha!) They were all the lucky ones of the artist and photo editor, Daniel LavalliereSince I discovered Daniel's virtual canvases, my computer background will never be the same. I almost feel like asking him to make a special one for me with Denis Lévesque! Come on, let art speak for itself.